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Whale & Dolphin
Spotted Dolphin


(Stenella frontalis)

Always ready for fun and play, this specie is known by our team as "the clowns". Mostly seen in Summer, they enjoy following boats that are moving fast, and to play among them selves and with us, giving us amazing moments when they decide to “fly”. Being this friendly, this is one of the species we can swim with here in Madeira.

We call this specie "the princess". For us the most beautiful specie of dolphin that can be seen in Madeira, most frequently seen during Winter season, although in the last 2 years we’ve been seeing during the summer quite frequently. One of the species that is allowed to swim with!

Commun Dolphin


(Delphinus delphis)


(Tursiops truncatus)

This is one of the two species that we have a local population. We can see them through all year, either the local animals or the migratory. Although this is a very well known dolphin, because of Flipper, our interactions with them made us nickname them “the cat”.

Bottlenose Dolphin


(Stenella coeruleoalba)

Nicknamed by us as "the ferrari", they are really sneaky! Seen in huge groups, but always hard to approach, avoiding the boat by swimming away from us in high speed. When they decide to jump out of the water all at the same time, it´s a spectacular show!

Striped Dolphin

Rough Toothed

(Steno breadanensis)

This is a specie that we don’t see every day, but when we do is usually during the Summer time, very easy to approach and observe. Extremely curious about their surroundings, so curious that, normally they are the ones that approach the boat.

Rough Toothed Dolphin

Risso’s Dolphin

(Grampus griseus)

This is quite a rare specie to observe in Madeira. Their favourite food is cephalopods, being that the main purpose of their visits. One interesting curiosity about them, is that when they are born they present a grey colour, and as they grow older it changes to white, earning a very cool nickname: “Michael Jackson”.

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