We have always been curious about the other inhabitants of our planet. We will take you to see what the ancient Greeks called “Ketos” – marine monster – and observe them in their habitat.


What makes us the best choice for whale watching

Whale and Dolphin Watching Madeira


We work with a spotter on land to make your trip a better experience. It’s his job to locate and inform where are the whales & dolphins (which are also known as cetaceans). Thanks to him, our success rating in 2020 was 100% and 99% for the last 5 Years.


During the boat trip you will be accompanied by an experienced crew who will fascinate you about all marine life that exist around our island


Madeira Island is one of the best locations in the world for whale and dolphin watching. Let us take you there! The boat trip lasts at least 2 hours, departing and returning to Calheta's marina.


Our RIB boat "Cetos" is ideal for whale watching, complying with all safety standards and ensuring a very close encounter with the animals



€ 40 Adult

Due to COVID we can't provide children price,

as our boat capacity has been limited to only 2/3.

(Thank you for understanding)

For Private Charter,

Please contact Us 

Join us for a trip in the atlantic ocean and get close to some of the most amazing animals you can find!

Our goal is to lead you to the highest number of species as possible and furthermore let you enjoy a friendly & respectful ambient with the animals!

What to bring on your trip:

Appropriate clothes and jacket for the season, hat, sun protection, bottle of water and don’t forget your camera! Any bags you can always leave at our store.

+ € 20

Why not include an extra to your normal trip? Swimming with dolphins is an unforgettable experience! Grab snorkeling gear and jump in the water with these friendly animals. Watch and "feel" them where they belong - in the wild! We have two different and very friendly species that you can swimm with in the atlantic. If the conditions are right and the animals are in a good mood, don’t miss your chance! In case it’s not possible you only pay for the normal trip.

A Pre-booking is required (Max.4 Pax /Trip), please contact us.
Experience with snorkel equipment advisable.

+ € 5 per person

Concerned you might not see any Cetaceans?


99% success rate is not enough?  




Insure your trip adding the Guaranty: In case you don’t see Whales nor Dolphins, we fully return your money!

Whale and Dolphin watching Madeira


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Spotted Dolphin Madeira

Spotted Dolphin

(Stenella frontalis)

Always ready for fun and play, this species is known by our team as "the clowns". Mostly seen in Summer, they enjoy following boats that are moving fast, and to play among themselves and with us, giving us amazing moments when they decide to “fly”. Being this friendly, this is one of the species we can swim with here in Madeira.

Pilot Whale Madeira

Pilot Whale

(Globicephala macrorhynchus)

One of the two species of cetaceans that we have a local population, but we also have groups in migration. Having a local group, it is always possible to find them, they always travel in groups. When we find them resting it’s one of the most impressive moments, because we can easily approach and admire these animals.




Adventure Made Unipessoal, Lda.



Porto de Recreio da Calheta,

Vila da Calheta, Calheta 9370-133



(We are located in Calheta's Marina,

between the Savoy Calheta Beach hotel

and the Savoy Saccharum hotel)


GPS – N 32º43'067"   W 017º10'240"



(+351) 965 104 018


H2o Madeira



"We (2 adults, 2 kids of 10 and 13), spend a week on Madeira and the first thing to do was whale and dolphin watching. The first day we saw loads of Bottlenose, striped and common and a Turtle (and a lot of Portuguese man-o-war). The way H2O works is very relaxed and professional; they do not get to close to the dolphins but let them come to you and never stay to long. For the ones who enjoy a bit of adrenaline; make sure you have an operator with a RIB boat. We even did a second trip a couple of days later because we enjoyed it so much and we wanted to see the dolphins from within the water, which we enjoyed even more."

TripAdvisor  -  08/05/2018


Whale and dolphin watching Madeira
Whale and dolphin watching Madeira
Turtle Caretta Caretta Madeira
Whale and dolphin watching Madeira
Whale and dolphin watching Madeira
Whale and dolphin watching Madeira
Turtle Caretta Caretta Madeira
Whale and dolphin watching Madeira
Whale and dolphin watching Madeira
Whale and dolphin watching Madeira
Whale and dolphin watching Madeira
Whale and dolphin watching Madeira
Whale and dolphin watching Madeira

Whale and dolphin watching Madeira

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